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(German's Side)
A sea of flames, from the sky
Brings Death to take it's toll
The allegiance we've shown
Is drowning in our soul
Air Raid strikes in '45
In the name of the Light
There is no distinguish
Between wrong and right
(Allies' side)
The disease of Hitler's war
A cancer for us all
Rages across Europe
Knocking ay our door
Revenge's tonight, we will fight
"Democracy" will rise
Nazis must be stopped
Havoc is the price (to pay)!
No one can see
This butchery
Consciousness stake
This is Mayday
(Civil speaks)
As the silence looms before us, I won't live
A Duty-Dance With Death
Now I know what's the meaning of "hell"
This is Mayday
(to the end)

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