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The Chalice of Blood is full
A new order is creeping through
The threat of a different thought
Death and pain is all I've got know
Washing the blood from the holy sword
and bow down to the Inquisition
Branded as impure by the Inquisition
Nightmares are becoming truth
There's nothing more left to say or do
Purity of Blood is reached
Your sins are written in history
A light from human chasm
Is what they'll never show to me
A shout of innocence
Is what they'll never show to me
The flames are burning high
Just one man beneath the Sky
Perpetual dormancy
And my spirit has gone away
The dove today won't fly
And you can hear echoes of a cry
The sorrow will ever flew?
Oh please God now set free
Killed for religion
A stab in the back
Over the void my voice ac be heard
Falling asleep, is just a dream?
Living and dying doesn't matter for thee
Hundred of years
Of pain and dismay
Women and children are burned at stake
Preachers and kings, bishops and queens
Ending our life and my soul now will leave

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