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I Wanna Fight Your Father - text

Oh baby you're so beautiful
I wanna be your man
I wanna kiss you lot of times
And hold your fuckin' hand
But your father doesn't like me
Your father don't approve
We'll ask him if he'll fight me
Cause I'm in love with you
Roxanne, I wanna fight you father! [x2]
(Uh) Cause I'm a black belt in karate
And a master of Kung-Fu
And I'll kick his fuckin' teeth in
Just to prove my love for you
Cause your big fat fuckin' father
He said he wants it all resolved
Your big fat fuckin father
He shouldn't got himself involved
Cause I float just like a butterfly
I sting just like a bee
Baby you won't find another guy
That loves you more than me
Roxanne, I wanna fight you father! [x2]
Do he know how much I love you
Do he know the things I'd do (uh)
And do he know I sold his hub caps (yea yeah)
Just to pay for your tattoo?
Well your daddy said he'd suss me out
He says I'll break your heart
But if your daddy had a busted mouth
He wouldn't be so smart
Now you can bet your life
I'm gonna to put him in his place
I wanna take a Stanley knife
And open up his face
Roxanne, I wanna fight you father! [x2]
I'm gonna fight your fuckin' father!

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