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I walk into the night
Glad you teach me where to go
Even out in the moonlight
I walk at your heels without a goal

I've been to every place on earth
every place that you have been before
I'm always on my way
but I just follow,
I got no home

Give me a light in the dark
An anchor for my restless will
Give me the faith I need
Give me a reason for which I can live

Don't be afraid,
I'm a soul like you
Driven to a place
where I don't belong
But there'll come a time
when I step into the light

I'm not your Dorian Gray,
I'm not your Mr. Hyde
I just lost direction
and lost my goal
There is no destiny
when your wishes start to die

I have no destiny
You can see me as a simple change
As a lovely day will turn to night
I know too much to know of what I'm aware
I love your world so much
your world of sun and sacred light
there's no other way for me
No other way to be on this side

Text přidala LedEmily

Video přidal OpenMind08

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