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Strictly OldSchool Wicked Shit - text


Can you bump
What I bump
Or are you scared
Cause it's strictly old school wicked shit
thats coming up outta my fucking trunk
Can you hang
Or am I simply too insane
(burn body, burn body burn in flames)

[Verse 1]
Young R O Double Z thats me
Bumpin' like a quarter key on the dashboard G
[?] I don't got no ana but I wouldn't put it past me
To run up in the house and get a whole damn family
Got brand in me
Ghetto insanity
With enough adrenaline to crush the earth
Fuck my soul
I don't care what its worth
I can ponder it all when I'm under the dirt
I wanted to get salvation but the preacher man said no
So I left the church and came right back with a loaded 44.
What can I do
Where can I go
If I choose to go down this road
All of the stresses and pressures of life just became too much and I had to unload
All over the place
Booming bass where the demons dwell
In the endless halls of my mansions you think you trapped in hell
Treating me like a piggy in a slaughterhouse
But not as well
I'm letting em' rot
and I'm lining them up
And I'm tossing them out when they start to smell
I feel just like I do not have any options
Other than dying
And all that I ever talk about is positivity but maybe I'm lying
Dylan the deity decided
It's time or be decided
Maybe I'm a psychopathic lunatic killer that broke up out the asylum


Yusa fucking ass boy and you fulla' flow [x3]
I'm with my nigga Ross screaming fuck tha law
(burn body, burn body burn in flames)

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