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Mermaid In A Manhole - text


[Produced by: Purpdogg]

Don't even speak it'll all be over soon
then I'm underneath the algae posted in my own lagoon
It's the only Sun Goddess Practitioner underneath the moon
I'm only on your planet for a short time longer I'll be going soon
Deep inside you know the truth
but all these devils gotta hold on you
Got you contemplating what you will and won't do
to distract from the fact there's still hope for you
Like the hope that led me to this cosmic journey with no assistance
other than the tools I built to bust up out this mental prison
I keep going till I get it
even if I don't ever get it
If I really really get it then I change the definition
hope and praying wishing
I make sense of this confusion
I am on a constant move to better boost my resolution

Tab Ticky Tab Tab Ticky Tab Tab
Ricky Ticky Tobby Topsy Turvy Off A Tab [x2]

When I got done you wouldn't even recognize her even if you knew her
Let me tell you about the mermaid that i met one day in the sewer
Fell in love with her on the spot and came up with a plan to take her home
and kept her in the bathtub with no intentions of letting her go

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