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I don’t know exactly how I feel today
(Oh wait, Oh wait, Oh wait)
Please take everything I feel away
I can’t even do it no, no, no not my job
For you I will wait right here
In the very same spot for the next one hundred years
R O Carmen Double San Diego
Never catch me riding with anyone other than the ones who bring me cheer
(back to it)
Woe is me baby
I’m in eternal despair
Only trust the ones who I keep near
(and you know who that be)
Yeah, basically no one is ever here
It’s magical
Dylan sprinkle hemp parts in my salad bowl
I’m a healthy handzum little animal
Back to the dope
I twist it with the quickness
But I’m rapping slow
Activis is the mode I’m in that keep em’ coming back fa’ mo’
I need to leave this house
I need to leave before I kill someone
When I am alone with you
All I think about is how true and loneliness is all I ever do
But what exactly is the reason back to you
Addicted to a paralyzing mood

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