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I did this to myself
Atleast now i know there’s no one there
who can save me
who can help
who tells me how to face my bitter half
I’ve lost the dots so i can not draw the line
I’m only craving for better times
The brightest minds aren’t able to save
it’s hard to comprehend
i’m staring death in the eyes again
I wil fight alone
Breathe in, Breathe out
They keep infesting me with plaugues
scrambled thoughts leave me questioning everything
I’m filled with doubt
Leaving me stranded with no tools to survive
impulses carry me away
But i can’t conform to the boundrys they have set
so bring me down to my knees and let the dark ones face me
Never forget, i don’t get to battle ghosts that overpower my soul
The trials forced me to see
And i will try to understand that
it made who i am today
free me, convince the heart it’s worth the conflict
Now that it’s clear that the choice was never mine to make
i idle my lungs and let them take me away
To understand is to accept that fear is just a part of this life
So i will never let it chase me away
Our light retained within a vessel
While condemmed to the rules of this universe
Prior to life we will chose the path we take
We need to worship our lives for we knew everything
Commence your journey and give in to your faith
Now let me show you what it truely means to be alive

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