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Spread your wings
Lift your feet from the earth
In search of something that you think you deserve
You bear the marks of the author and still you will try
To plant your seeds in a world where your soul won’t survive
And become the specter in your own real life

Face life with our eyes closed
We tend to lose ourselves in what we believe what's right.
While trying to accomplish our goals
With what we have learned along the way
You will see
The struggle to realize
When there is no one around so
Never forget to seek the blood that flows through your heart
Did we ever try?
I know i always did
I hold my tongue at least untill we’ve learned to cherish this
Starstruck we look for etarnal bliss
But I’ll keep my feet firm on the ground
Earth gazer!
When you see the true value it hold s
I’ll crown you king amongst the heretics
But when your time runs out
When you will seize to exist
I’ll turn my back to the faceless
I’ll turn my back to those who scream and shout
That there is nothing left
Nothing but fantasie’s to gaze at
This is
An oppertunity
Embrace the ground you have left
And start all over again
This is
This is your chance to be
One of the few that understands this
I am bound to
Stray across this earth
I reconstruct my perspective for i hold roots in this dirt
And i will serve my purpose honoring my world
As i recognize that
I am reborn
I! Am! Reborn!

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