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Don't Let Go - text

Hear that whistle, it's ten o'clock
Come on, baby, it's time to rock
I'm so happy I got you here
Keeps me grinning from ear to ear

Ooh wee, this feeling's killing me
Aw shucks, well, I wouldn't
Stop for a million bucks
I love you so, just hold
Me tight and don't let go
Thunder, lightning, wind and rain
Love is humming inside my brain
I'm so eager, I'm nearly dying
You been keeping your lips from mine


Hound dog barking upside the hill
Love is dragging him through the mill

If it wasn't for having you
I'd be barking and howling too


One day, baby, you'll quit me yet
I'll be crying and soaking wet

One thing, baby, I'll never stand
Your lips kiss some other man


Just hold me tight
Just hold me tight
Hold me tight
Mmm hmm

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