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Under the Guilliutine - text

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Deny the lie - again as time goes by.
The reason - the season - the pain.
Tonight - the light - your demons side by side
read Shakespeare while you cry in vain !
Why should I now dare another try ?
The blood red fire sign flag
today will stay up there in the gray morning sky
- I won´t get back !
Walking down - the headless crown !
Alone and lost - tomorrows clown !
Forever´s just a ray of disgrace !
The avenue - assorted blue !
A constant thrill of deja vu !
I´ve got to get out of this place !
As silence fills the midnight air
the unknown mercenaries dare
to sing of those who never care
and everything else they´ve seen
- Under the Guilliutine !
Born again - a yellow pen !
"freeze now !" shouts the fireman.
The rising force of darkness lives on !
The braindead - the pinhead
- the flame and the overfed
- the boring reality´s gone
As silence fills the midnight air...............
Under the Guilliutine .......

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