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The Suicide King and the Chaos Queen
met three days after Halloween
At the downtown grill where the "once-has-been's"
try to drink their shame away.
Suicide smiled and took a shotgun in his mouth.
Chaos freaked out and gave him applause.
"With this toy, kid, you won't even shoot a mouse !",
was all the bartender had to say.
So they took a limo to the border of time
where to be a bit different ain't no crime
and in the midnight hour they met the ghost of James Dean.
He said : "I can see your future in my TV screen !"
( Suicide King and Chaos Queen )
In this world made of pain
some prefer the insane
or a reason to live
and a promise to give
to the lost and the banned
their souls to defend
and their fantasy's green
like Suicide King and Chaos Queen.
They ride on the wind now and make love on the sea
`cause they ain't even close to what they used to be.
The ghosts of the dead gave `em the magic key
to a world beyond the light.
They are guardians of life now - protectors of grace -
Some aliens from outer space. They watch the sins of the human race.
It's an everlasting fight !
Overkill game - reality
- sicker than your insanity !
The money - the power - the torture - the lie
Alone in a crowd : Dare to cry !
In this world made of pain....................

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