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Matador is waiting for the key to be released
To raise the purple cloth like a sail in the wind
The Matador is reading every move
Of the fierce-eyed el toro before the picadores approve

“When it’s coming at you, don’t you try and hide
Give it strength and honour – whoever may survive!”

The banderilleros now approach with their decorated pikes
Will they turn out equal or will they fail the try?

“When it’s coming at you, you may jump aside
Give it strength and honour – whoever may survive!”


One legendary day in 1879
Rafael Molino would finally resign
To one of greatest power, Murciélago was his name
No one could defeat him, his life would be spared

The audience aware, their eyes locked on him
Matador, the honoured, never giving in
Who turns out superior and leaves the gate alive?
Who wins the faena – who will survive?


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New Metal Leader

Ross The Boss texty

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