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In & Yo / Dualities Of The Way - text


Embrace in the hands of the divine
Cocoon in its warmth
Embrace and share in a moment
And sing its praise
Come rest by a fire
Come rest your woes sweet wayfarer
Come rest from burdens embrace
First for a few moments allow
Me to express my ways
A creed of isolation in silhouettes
Oddly familiar, and oddly at peace
Quietly weeping, a dance in the breath of embrace
Quietly sleeping, never noticed
Quietly offering, a home for those lost souls
First for a few moments allow me to express my ways
A creed of salvation, one of disbelief by name
But faith in gracious movements
Are you quietly weeping
Are you quietly offering
A quick and quiet resolve
Glutton bested me
Actions of want and desire
Glutton bested me with roots bound reaches
To blend with those of no will

Text přidala DennieDen

Video přidala DennieDen

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