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We Can Always Come Back - text

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We can always come back
Said the mum to the boy
On the beach, was a ploy
And the boy knew
Her words were only words
We were on the beach too
A mother and the girls
At the start of the world
And I was there too
Taking pictures of us all
But I don't remember pictures
Though I have them to hand
I remember the sand
On your face though
And the shivering from the sea
Carried on a shoulder
Still in a towel
And I still don't know how
We made it
And I think I'll never know
Happiness is action
At the end of the day
There was nothing to say
But we all knew
That sleep would be well
You can't preserve the moments
They move with the air
To the gods of nowhere
But we were all there
And it's good enough for me

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