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Wake upon thee
Your mouth fills with dirt
Tortured and you scream
You veins begin to squirt

Splitting of your spine
The neck will start flush
Tortured and you die
Your skull, I will crush

I see your face in the ground, face dawn to death
It's vague to me, carnage and bodies
Splice the flesh, hell is upon you.
You'll never rest

Hear the crunching of you bones as I twist your limbs apart
Tear out your ribs to expose your breathing heart
Slice through your throat, cut you ear to ear
Taking your life, death is drawing near

Into the woods I take your still self, stiff and cold
Trails that leads to a bloody hollow
Your face I hold...dead

Hear the crunching bones
Tearing out your ribs

Reaching for me
You kick and scream
You will not stop me, and I will feed.

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The Resting Sonata

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