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Redeemer of Flesh - text


Die on this day
Last breath to curse this skies
No one to hear you
I feel your struggle to survive
The pulse is faintly there
You're barely alive
Undeniable pain with only god to blame

Peel your skin back, watch your heart beat
Harvest you remains
Drag your body, disassemble, choking you
Begin to tremble

Coldness is setting in your limbs
Dissecting your like a fucking animal
Drawing your blood, it's spurting everywhere
Cutting your body
Your senses fill with fear

You will give up your life to me
Mutilate you to make you bleed

Flesh is mangled, bodies on the floor
Disassemble, ressurected church of gore

Grotesque stench of death, disposing of your body
Your innards spill a mess, you're dead now
Because of me!

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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