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you're living your life through misery
and the problem that just won't fade
still you got to reach your destiny
no it's not too late

you put your past behind now
and you're starting a brand new day
but it's hard to stay alone there
no it ain't no choices

you've got a lot of work just to get it done
still you've got so much to say
you gonna face the world and you won't run
with a trouble just inches away

oh it's so hard (yeah it's so hard)
and it's so tough (yeah it's so tough)
to hit it straight (and get it right)
and be a young man on the street
young man on the street

you work so hard just to get there
and the price is just to high
the world you lead is just ain't that fair
you gotta be that tough

one day you'll take your stand again
and it's all about the game call life
there'll be your time and you will jump in
you gonna make your shout

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