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What kind of world are we living today
Those unheard voices are left astray
Too many tears and sleepless nights
Too many wars and too many fights

Some always said there's a price to pay
The one you crossed will have your say
It's kinda strange when things go wrong
Not many choices left so now we'll sing our song

WE WANT AN ALTERNATIVE (Hear the people shout...)

WE WANT AN ALTERNATIVE (Hear the people call...)

WE WANT AN ALTERNATIVE (Tell the people why there's no way for an alternative)

We tired of all your P.C views
Too much to say but they ain't no proof
When will you learn to appreciates
The right to choose and the will to hate

Is this the fact of reality
The only hope was a broken dream
Though sun shines through dark-grey clouds
Just having our say (ALRIGHT!) and now we'll shout it loud

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