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He was born in the still of the night,
Daddy's gone so his mum got to fight,
For a better life and a better future,
Out of school coz they say his no good,
Living life just the way that he could,
No one's ever care bout his 'screwed-up' childhood,

On the street is where he learn how to live,
Give it all the things he just go to give,
'coz it's been so hard to struggle on that street, yeah...
Drugs and violence, it's just everywhere,
Life is tough and it seem so unfair,
For this little kid to make through anywhere,

(They won't listen when he wants to have a say),
So he takes the law up to his hand,
Never meant to make them understand,
(They won't see it coz they all ain't coming from that street),
He's just a boy that lost in this 'bad-man' world of ...


In and out of trouble as he grow up,
To survive, know he can't give it up,
He gonna have his say, he gonna shout it loud, yeah...
He'll stand up for the things he believes,
He will strive for the rights to exist,
There's no turning back, he got to take all the risk,


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