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The Temple In The Underworld - text


I rush through purple mist
Fury in my eyes
Beast of prey's look
I make my way through shrubs of Skeletons
My target is just around the corner.

I weep blood instead of tears
Dust of Eternity covers my face
Windstorm howled its Song of Death
Cacophony Demons turned into everything

Am I dreaming - or awake?
The Temple is facing me
From the Depths of Infinity it grows
This structure of both Life and Death

You can never name it
Has been towering here for ages and forever
From mysterious Symbols on the walls
Sap Shemhamforash leaks down

At Last I recognize what I always wanted
And I see there is no return no
I become a little Part of the Sign on the wall
I become a little Part of the Sign on the wall
And dwindle in the Underworld Temple.

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The Temple In The Underworld

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