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Haunted - text

Every step I take
I see your face
In each window pane
In a house without your light
Just don’t feel the same
If my mind could speak
What my heart would say
I’ll let it be and go away

Midnight’s gone
And it’s been too long
Now I’m a shadow of myself
You left me wanting nothing else
In this house

This house is haunted
Since you left me, baby
This heart is broken
And I’m going crazy
The scent of you
Left me so consumed
Your presence is in every room
My heart is haunted
Everything I wanted
Left with you, baby
I’m haunted

Your silhouette is gone
It had to fade
But I still feel you here
Angels never cry
Rain won’t subside
Am I feeling heaven’s tears?
My soul can’t leave what I used to need
And it’s more than I can throw away

Another sun has set
But I can’t forget
Deep inside I feel the pain
Cause I won’t see you back again
In this house


There’s nothing left anymore
Gotta let you go
No shame, no hurt, no more
I gotta let it go, oh yeah


Text přidala Kathy


Room 2012 texty

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