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I'll Move Mountains - text

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Time will heal those broken eyes,
Fashion you a face from your disguise,
Loving never helped that lonely heart,
The world a hostile city from the start,
And no-one's towing your slip stream,
You're a tigress with your wild dreams it's true,
And the leaden sky is drawing in,
But I'll move mountains!
Oh Cry my friend no more,
You've seen your stars aligning I am sure,
You etched all of your circles in the sand,
And now your hopes horizons are at hand,
A light against the darkened sky,
Your truth must outshine all the lies it's true,
But from the outside looking in,
I say I'll move mountains!
Oh there's trouble on the East flank it is true,
There's a wolf pack on your heels it's after you,
And love is not a word that the world knows
Whilst fighting for survival from it's foes,
And some things take a life to learn,
Your innocence forced to discern it seems
But from the outside looking in,
I say I'll move mountains!

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