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This is The Business
Prepare to take witness
To the type of ish that we on, we on
By the time that you get there
We already been there
We done packed up
and we gone, we gone, we gone
This is The Business
Prepare to take witness
To the type of ish that we on, we on, we on
Cause this is The Business
Right now
Come witness The Business
Right now
Ok dennn, and you can
Take some notes from me
Grab a cheat sheet
Take a couple quotes from me
You won't defeat thee Business
You're better off trying to get
The stank off of chitlins
Ya Kidding??
So grab a suit and tie
Salute the guy, take a seat
We'll review your resume
And see just what we have this week
But in the meantime
Make sure you log on to
Yeah, let us build a better life with ya
Submit your application
And we'll be right wit ya
And for the ladies make sure
You send us a nice picture
Beside the right qualifications
And we might pick ya
OK dennn
Let's keep this strictly professional
Take my business card
And call at respected hours
This is larger than what large is
The true definition
Of What being in charge is
This the type of business
That you could put your nose in
Pack a big enough bag
That you could fit some clothes in
Long hours, dozin'
Gotta get them figures straight
Young Lamont Dozier
I'm working on some real estate
Or Chris Blackwell
Gotta get them stacks well
United States Postal Service lame
We stack mail
Save some instruments
Cause we'll give you the blues hater
On your front porch in the morning
Like the newspaper
And the headline is that
We runnin' shit
And we the exact crew
That you don't wanna hate
And the headline is that
We runnin' shit
Introducing the Business,
The Business

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