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The East Nashville Kroger Conversation - text


Dylan: Ron! What's up, dude?

Ron: What's up, man?

Dylan: How you doing? Good, man, it's good to see you. What's going on?

Ron: Good to see you, too. Uh, just grabbing some groceries

Dylan: Yeah? When'd you get back in town?

Ron: Uh, we got back...two days ago?

Dylan: Nice!

Ron: Tuesday morning

Dylan: How was the run?

Ron: It was good. We had a run of good crowds. Good time. How about you? What have you been up to? Have you guys been recording or touring?

Dylan: Yeah, no, we actually just got a--we were just on the road for a little bit, and that went really well. We got back. We got a single due out like next week, so we've just been working a lot on that

Ron: Oh, nice. I'd love to hear it

Dylan: Yeah!

Ron: Are you guys playing in town anytime soon?

Dylan: Yeah, I actually think we're gonna be down at the 5 Spot on I think Wednesday?

Ron: Alright, nice, I will--

Dylan: You should come by! I could probably get you on the list or something

Ron: Oh! I would love that. Yeah, that actually helps a lot. Yeah, so, cool

Joe: Ron!

Ron: Joe! What's up man?

Joe: Hey, man

Ron: Dude, how you doing?

Joe: I didn't know you were back!

Dylan: What's going on, man?

Joe: Hey, man!

Dylan: Hey

Joe: Did we meet before?

Dylan: Yeah, Dylan. We used to play in a band together

Joe: Oh, yeah yeah yeah! Hey, hey man!

Dylan: Yeah, we played together

Ron: Um, yeah, we got back Tuesday morning, man

Joe: How was the rooaaad?

Ron: It was really good, man. We had a great run. Really good crowds this time. We had a really nice time out there

Joe: Yeah, I'm sure everyone was getting along, and--

Ron: Yeah! Really happy to be home, have a little downtime, you know. We're recording stuff

Dylan: You were just on the road, too, right? You just got back?

Joe: Yeah, yeah

Dylan: Nice. How was it?

Joe: It was great...Ron, are you all...?

Ron: We're gonna do like a little, like, sort of secret, um, just a DIY show next Tuesday. 9:15 at 5 Spot

Joe: Oh, um, I think I'm playing that night, too, but...

Ron: What time's your set?

Joe: Um, it might be a little bit later. I'm--I could try to make it out, like...

Ron: Yeah, I mean come out! I'll get you on the list

Dylan: I'm going on Wednesday

Joe: Wait, you're playing on Wednesday?

Dylan: Yeah

Joe: Where are you playing at?

Dylan: I'm at the 5 Spot. Like 9:30

Joe: Same? Oh, wow! You guys should be like living together

Dylan: Yeah! But, I mean, I was gonna put him on the list. If you want to come on back, I can probably get you on the list, too

Joe: I--I can try. Like, I might have a show that night, too, so. I'll try!

Dylan: Cool! Where?

Joe: I'll do my--uh, um...over at Fond Objects, like out back

Ron: Oh, cool. Yeah, well, I mean, let's just keep in touch. I mean, we'll try to make everybody's sets next week and, you know, we'll catch up

Joe: Great, man! Um, I gotta go get some stuff...

Ron: Alright

Dylan: Yeah

Joe: You know, coconut milk

Ron: Well, it was good to see you guys

Dylan: Yeah, catch you guys soon!

Joe: Yeah! Uh, later on!

Ron: Alright, yeah, dude! See ya

Dylan: Send me a text

Ron: Nice seeing you, brother

Dylan: Yeah, good to see you

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