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All of the punks are domesticated
All of the freaks have gone to bed
All of the pioneers are saved for
Information tech
Or wrinkled and dead
They’re dead
Now every room is sterilized
All risk is paralyzed
Meanwhile, the pop tarts climb the pop charts
The blood clots block your heart parts
And no one really has anything to say
All of the rockstars are behind the bar
Serving computers with acoustic guitars
It’s a travesty
Rock and roll matinee
Songs about sunny days
Or love in a pretty way
All of our expression is uniform
All of our food is mostly chloroform
It’s not even a secret
It’s easily accessible
Just like anything on the planet
And no one really minds
It’s just a sign of the times
To numb your dime a dozen mind
In a world that gave everyone a voice
We have no other choice
We’re all so important
Tell me about yourself
Tell me about yourself
Tell me about yourself
I will be forgotten in two generations
What will have been my big mark?
A couple little tears dangling in the dark
An impressive collection of digital remarks
An apple falls at the park
Where your body lay
Deep within the clay
It’s just another day
Where all of the punks are domesticated, all the freaks have gone to bed

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