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Pu-ssy-juuuuice !!!!!!
I'm in a candystore, what do I seeeeee? strawberry,
& melon, banana-taste,
they have cherry, oh what a waste!
Cuz what I really wanna choose
A Chup-a-chup that taste like pussyjuice!!!
'Can I help you sir?' and I look up at her
She's gorgeous in that skirt
Oh yeah you can my love,
take your panties off
Please bend over it doesn't hurt!
Do me a favour, a certain flavour
Is what I want suckin' Chup-a-chup
Yeah I'm a dude, that dislikes fruit
Only taste-of-cunt-is-good!
She pulls up her skirt,
this bendin' over bird
My favourite kinda meat,
it smells so sweet
Vibrating eggs disappear between her legs
Vibrating eggs snore,
sound of buzzing fills the store
She dripps from her lips,
between her horny hips
Ofcourse I also wanna fuck it,
but first this fluid in a bucket
After that I put it in the freezer,
Next to my pussyjuice Bacardi Breezer!
Do you wanna be my favourite recipe?!!
Pussyjuice, the taste for me !!!!
Lick it & suck it !!!! [8x]
Pu-ssy-juice, chup-a-chup-a-chup! [2x]

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