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Crash Test Faggots - text

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Ready for countdown!
Crash! Test! Faggot!
Crash! Test! Gay!
Awwwwwrrrrp !!!
Uuuuuuu- I'm going to tell you story about certain people,
People wich I have a perfect vacancy for
They're called transsexuals,
And travestites
Assfucking faggots- they don't deserve rights!
Hahaha...listen faggots!!
There is this factory, around the corner you see,
Let's gather transsexuals, and kill them brutal for me!
Remove the testdummies, and use transsexuals instead,
I can't wait to witness, the E-normous impact!
Crrrash !!!
Uuuuuuuu- Served transsexual genitals now look like splatter,
Witness the torso get squashed is obviouslyyyy, what matters to me!
6-5-4-3-2-1, Next in line please!
Crash! Test! Faggot!
Crash! Test! Gay! - Die and make my day !!!

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