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You Can't Stay Here - text


You can't stay here
Your company's good, I know
But I must wake up alone
And the party is over

You can't stay here
I'm moments away from sleep
And what you want to say can keep
'Til I'm awake and I'm sober

You can't stay here
When everyone else has gone
I've nothing for you
No song to sing for you only

You can't stay here
Maybe you can't see why
But I'm an old-fashioned guy
And I'd rather be lonely

Maybe you think I'm unkind
When I tell you to go away
I know what you offer
And I could be softer
And tell you to stay

But to me, you're a stranger
To touch you is danger, I know it's true
'Cause what I've got at home is too dear
To risk for an hour with you
You can't stay here

I'll be all right alone
And when I'm safe in her arms at home
I'll thank you for leaving

You can't stay here

You can't stay here

You can't stay here

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