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I used to love these lazy winter afternoons
Starting out too late, giving up too soon
Coming home to coffee and a trashy book
Never paying any mind
If things were never done on

Time was when a fella
Could just let time slip away
No worries car or telephone
Just rent and food to pay
And every night with single buddies
Boozing at the bar
Living for the minute, taking every hour in it

But now there's just too much to do
In any given day
The car, the phone, the kiddies shoes
Too many bills to pay
Running from the crack of dawn
'Til Knowlton reads the news
And falling into bed too wiped
To even kiss the wife good night
Oh, oh, oh, just another working Joe

The baby's in the Swingomatic
Singing Rock and Roll
My Sweetie's in the kitchen
Whipping up my favourite casserole
I knocked off work at ten o'clock
The kids are still at school
The coffee pot is perking
To hell with bloody working

Oh, it sure is sweet to sit at home
And let time slip away
Through tomorrow I'll be scratching through
Another working day
But when I start to come apart
From all the things to do
I know that I'll be taking soon
Another lazy winter afternoon
Oh, oh, oh, just another working Joe

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