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I saw her cold in the morning light
As we roared through the rain
Swaying softly to the ever-pounding steel
Drunk upon a night of train
The club car's gonna take her again
And I'm glad to just be on my own
The Ocean's gonna take me home
So hungry, so alone, and so blue
Somewhere back behind the darkness
Lies The City on the Sea
Gone already with a sleep stuck in between
I left so much behind to grow
So much, too soon, but even so
She sways along the aisle again
Crazy woman, dancing on a train
So hungry, so alone, and so blue
Cranky people do their morning jerks
And the coffee bar has only tea
And somewhere up ahead beyond the day
There's a lady keeping warm for me
She's a mighty hand inside a silken glove
I've known it a while, and I can't get enough
I want to listen to Joni Mitchell on the radio
And make love
A crazy lady on a daylight train is dancing for free
But everybody here just watches trees go by
She knows a bit of what this train can feel
Swaying spirit of the moving steel
She reminds me of what I'm going to
And even with the thought of you
I'm still so hungry, so alone, and so blue
So hungry, so alone, and so blue

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