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Shadows On The Water - text


When you get there, and I know you’ll go
Just a couple of things you’ll need to know
They got a big old gate
But that’s just for show
They been waiting on you forever

There’s a house 'neath some trees
There’s a good old car, still starts with ease
Just pull down the visor
You’ll find the keys
Anytime you need to go

There’s a split cane rod, with 2 pound test
There’s an old felt hat you like the best
And there’s a book of flies
In a canvas vest
In the hallway by the door

And there’s a river, deep and cool
Lots of shade, and sheltered pools
Those damned trout
Still make you look a fool
There’s just so much even God can do

And there's lots of shows to do in the little towns
The good people come from miles around
They got some kinda genius up there
Does the sound
They always pay in cash

Brand new strings on the old guitar
There’s a dark eyed girl sitting at the bar
And that charm of yours
Is gonna get you far
Or you could just win her with your sweet smile

So when you get there, say hello for me
There’s music and there’s books and there’s poetry
Lots of friends
For you to see
Tell them all hello

The river flows by, deep and fast
Clouds fill the sky, they don’t last
I’ve lost track of all the souls who’ve passed
Like shadows on the water
Like shadows on the water

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