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Lace curtains at my window
The south wind blows them in
I heard the redwing sing today
I think he brought the spring

Winters so long leaving
So shyly comes the spring
Lie beside me darling
Listen to him sing
(Listen to him sing)

What a gift of sight you had
To see into my heart
You did not flinch or turn from me
Though you saw me from the start

Likewise love I saw you
Oh our love so rare a thing
That redwing is one happy boy
Would you listen to him sing
Listen to him sing

The ice broke on the river
I could hear groan and boom
It thundered in the darkness
As we lay there in our room

We held each other sweetly
And we clung all through the night
And the redwing brought the south wind
By the dawning of the light
Dawning of the light

Well the fox cries in the moonlight
The deer leaps in the wood
The hawk circles o’er the valley
I would touch him if I could

I was born to love you
As the redwing heralds spring
Oh, lie beside me darling
Listen to him sing
(Listen to him sing)

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