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It’s a gift to me this waking
In the hours before the sunrise
It’s a gift to me this light
That gilds the waves across the bay
It’s a gift to me the silence
Of this old house in the morning
I watch the sky and weather
And begin another day

It’s a gift to me these raucous gulls
That wheel outside my window
I watch the sun climb higher
And set to fire the morning dew
Small boats outside my window
Reflect their colours to the water
Like gaudy gypsy caravans
Bright yellow, red and blue

There’s a young boy tossing pebbles
In a tide pool in the Channel
There’s an old dog on an errand
On his way towards the town
I hear the voices of my neighbours
I see a sail out past the island
Sunlight through the gulls’ bright wings
Slowly circling down

As a boy I walked these broken roads
From sunrise 'til evening
I knew each stone and tree
That final mile up to the hill
Starlight through the clouds
Dark trees on the horizon
The smell of rain and wood smoke
I remember, oh so well

Now I walk out past the iron bridge
That reaches to the island
Past brightly painted houses
Scattered down along the shore
And I build my fire, I boil my tea
I stare out at the water
Once again I am that little kid
I was long years before

There’s a heron in the shadows
Staring at his own reflection
There’s a brown trout in the shallows
In the lake behind the hill
He waits, wide-eyed and silent
In the cold and tea-brown water
He’s like my heart before I knew you, love
Cold and dark and still

It’s a gift to me the sunset
Burning down the far horizon
To the East the fat moon rises
Past the steeple on the hill
And this day that I’ve been given
To walk and watch and wonder
Night falls upon the little town
The stars are bright and chill

It's a gift to me these stars
That circle slowly ’round the roof tops
I turn my face to skyward
To breathe in their ancient light
My long years hover ’round me
As I stand there in the darkness
The night wind rises up and stirs the grass
And whispers past me in the night

It’s a gift to me the sun and stone
And sky and wind and water
This harbour town that opens
To a sea of endless blue
And as the sky grows bright above me
My cup is running over
And everything I have before me, love
I’d give it all to you

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