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I sold my soul - text

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i sold my soul
well now your heart once burned bright like the sun
but now you're all grown up and those days are done
and you don't love anyone, you don't have any fun
you forgot how to fly when you learned how to run
you complain that you're no longer young
and the strain of living life under the gun
is driving you crazy. the face of a lady
is burned in your brain and now here you are saying to me
i sold my soul
you once had a lady who could get you to dance
but the love of you life didn't fit in your plans
when you got a good job and you thought it was your shot
to become a rich man you just get one chance
so you left for the city but she couldn't come too
you forgot about her, she forgot about you
and you spent your life being used like a tool
what a fool, what a stupid fool i've been, you say
i sold my soul
mama take me home
you're the one that i want and i'm gonna get you back
cuz this life without you is dead and black
and lovin' is what i got to give
i'm gonna quit my job i'm gonna start to live
and stop being a slave
i gotta stop being afraid
you once had a passion for the art that you made
but your daddy said "NO! you gotta get paid
and if you follow this path, kid, i'm afraid
can you feel my fear? you should be afraid!"
so you let that fear color all you could see
you just wanna be safe, who needs to be free?
so you sold your soul, but low and behold!
you still got no security
I sold my soul
mama take me home
I sold my soul

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