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Swords Raised in Victory - text

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The elders had spoken, and the vision was true
The dark times had come just like they have foreseen
We have been chosen, to be warriors of the kings
We pledged our allegiance to fight for the steel… to fight for the steel
The gates were opened, and we marched out in the dawn
The quest had begun only we were the hope
We heard the screams of a world dying fast
Under the spell of the false ones, a new age has begun
…A new age has begun
Swords are arised in the sky
All the warriors aside, in the dawn of the night
When the blood soaks the grounds, and the last man stands proud
We can ride home with swords raised in victory
Swords raised in victory, swords raised in victory
Defying death we’re immortal and strong
With our fists in the air we won’t fall to our knees
Banners fly, arrows blackened the sky
Hear the deafening thunder of the fierce battle cry…the fierce battle cry
We faced the enemy, and we earthquaked the ground
They dare to keep fighting but we were too loud
Under the flag of metal we stand
We must drive all their forces away from our lands, away from our lands.

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