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My axe has fallen like thunder through the years
At night I walk the streets to find them all
A sonic blast through amps of steel
No chance to hide at all
We must unite and bring the fight
We must possess the power tonight
When all is over we will rule and
There will be no poser fools… fools!
We are sworn to the gods!
Metalive, metalive! We are born to play the loudest metal
Metaloud, metaloud! Always victory in epic battles
Metalive, metalive! Twenty thousand banging their heads
Metaloud, metaloud! On this stage their blood will run red
We ride on metal wings and fly away to space
Explore to bits and pieces in the sun
From all the world our warriors will unite
We rule the earth tonight
It doesn’t matter what they say
We fight for metal every day
Our enemies will turn their backs
We’re rocking hard ‘cos we are… badass!
Soldiers of metal and we are strong; we’ll always fight
Bringing destruction and fire into the night
Riding steeds of steel and metal faster than the speed of light in battle
Raise your fists and bang your heads for metal gods forever and ever tonight
The metal army will survive the fight

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