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Unite by steel! We’re marching off to war
The dark times come and we must resist
All hammers arised, prepared for the blow
The world will shake in an earthquake of steel
Forge the sword! In fires of hell
The magic and power will make you fly away
On eagles of glory we’re riding the sky
We stand like heroes on mountains high
Hell awaits in the night now evil beware
The war has begun so you better run, run for your lives
The metal is hungry, it’s hungry for blood
For us death awaits. Darkness of its cold embrace
In this hell awakes… It flies on blazing wings
Timeless eternal, forever we must fight!
Into fire and thunder with power and might
Boundaries breaking in our path of destruction
Piles of victims scattered all around
It strikes like a hammer attack in your face
It’s heavy it’s fast and it never goes away
Forever defending the sounds of the past
Does it ever grow old? No we don’t think so!

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