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Special Occasion - text


Hmm, hmm, yeah

Special occasion
Like when you dress up in your tie and tails
Yeah, yeah, special occasion
Every time and it never fails

To give me a thrill that's fresh and new
Every time I'm kissing you
It's something that you do
That makes every time you kiss me

A real special occasion
Like one that calls for a toast of champagne
Yeah, yeah, yeah, special occasion
Every time and it's hard to explain

How the same old touch from the same old hand
Can make me feel like a different man
I just can't understand
But every time you touch me

It's a real special occasion
Yeah, yeah special occasion
Oh, oh yeah, hmm hmm, yeah

Ooh, beautiful music begins to play
You are the sun that brightens up my day
Why don't you stay? 'Cause every time I'm with you

It's a real special occasion
Like when in school you get your cap and gown
Yeah, now it's a real special occasion
And every time that you come around
Baby, it's a real

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