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Total Science & S.P.Y - Piano Funk - text


You're gonna feel a little low
When the road that you're on don't go to where you want
And everybody wants to tell you what to do
But it don't count, no it don't
Because everybody has dreams
And you got to believe in yours
Reach for the stars
It's the words I hold that keep me going

Give yourself a break
Give it no time
You'll get nowhere
Even when it pains
You need to push through and be true to you
And the little tests you face
May feel a little hard
But you got to push on yeah
It's these words she said that I hold on to

More than this
More than I thought
Much more than now
More than before
Much more I need
Against all things
I'll be something more
Much more than this

Text přidala KlaraFillion

Video přidala KlaraFillion

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