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You Saved My Soul - text

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Let the new song arise
From every tongue and tribe
Every mountain high
And every valley
Let our love burn bright
All through the darkest night
Let the flames take flight
To the one who gave it all to have my heart
And from the very start, He knew every part of me
Who I would be, and how He'd make me to give Him glory
Beautiful one, You saved my soul
You are my everything, You make me whole
What can I give but give my all?
You're so deserving
So I will love You Lord
With all my heart and soul
All my mind and strength
Just like You told us to and
You are here
Your spirit lives in me
You've opened my eyes to see
You are no more behind a temple wall, You gave Your life for all
Waiting for an open heart to open wide, and You'd come inside
And breathe new life

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