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Enter a world where the evil of man
is portrayed as a glorious leader

He is but one of these fools in this
psychotic maze, using god as a reason

Thousands upon thousands will be slain
before the hand of justice
cries out his name

He is a TYRANT
of the world
spreading his virus
through the world

Hitler and Stalin and Caesar have all
share the fame as a dictating ruler

Fit they have inspired the evils of our
modern day for example Al-Qaida

Ordering the bombing of the trade
Rejoining as the towers fell to their graves

These are the TYRANTS
of the world
spreading their virus
to the world

So as the final hour comes our way
there's just one conclusion that still remains

We must rid the TYRANTS
from the world
for spreading their their virus
through the world

We must rid the TYRANTS
from the world

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