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In Silence - text


She walks throughout the streets alone
And through her eyes the world unfolds
But yet in ruins she remains
A twist of fate but but whos is to blame

For all she lost in time
Defies what she's becomes today

Once she had all that one could need
But now she bares for all to see
And through addiction she provides
Another dose another night

Now only time will tell
Just where she finds her self
For in silence lies her eyes
In a place where the world is cold as ice

And through the pain that her heart conseals
She has lost her way
But still a trace of hope remains

So now in silence she resides
Within the tears within her eyes
And all that she had yearned to be
Had now become a tragedy

'Cause as the story fades
She takes her life in vain
For in silence lied her eyes
In a place where the worlds as cold as ice
All i know that in silence lied her eyes
What a waste for the mirror never lies

Text přidal paja65

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