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Welcome to the Metal Dead - text

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Welcome to this enchanted place
Where you'll always find a familiar face
It will teach how to dream in the light
And now you will see and won't believe this sight
Let me guide you across the glass floor
One heart beat away from the golden steel door
You don't want to know what's behind these walls
Keep moving before the guillotine falls
You're welcomed greatly to play this game
You will not find here one single name
Only myths and tales of those who have vanished
You must find your way out before you're banished
The candle melts away - The light will fade
The voice of evil terrifies like a blade
He laughs at your fears - As the mirror begins to crack
The room turns black
For now we stay forgotten and alone
Angry towards me I will not condone
Won't you sit and tell me how you feel
My silverware gleams made of shining steel
You now have one wish granted to you
If it comes true I will take what is due
The doors are locked please do not try and run
Why won't you eat is it something that I've done
You have come here to join me for a reason
The doorman told you tonight becomes the season
Now we enter a new realm very soon
We must have this accomplished tomorrow by noon
Enter the chambers and take off your coat
Don't be afraid of the bloodstained note
It gives you the clues to where you need to be
Taste the rotten fruit so your mind can run free
I praise you for your courage and honest fears
I haven't seen your kind in many many years
These machines you see will change the course of life
They cut through time like a jagged bloodied knife
Together we will discover
How evil burns deep within the fires
And control the world's desires
Watch them
Watch them
We must see them fall
We must see them crawl
Tonight you must dream so that I can read your mind
The machine reads data that's impossible to find
The data's programmed and eventually finalized
We will speak to the world since they have become so digitalized
They can view us through monitors and phones
We'll shut down communications in which no-one condones
It's an orchestration of death for the world to watch and praise
I see you dreaming that of a peaceful thought
The deman's face gone that you once sought
No-one has ever seen this before
Now you are visible to the world let your mind soar
Your heart stops beating your brain pulsates
The flowers bloom the waters clear
You're back in time when fire was new
Soft sounds you silently hear
You're counting numbers backwards so it seems
Listen to my words as I speak in your dreams
It's not the dream that I want - It's your next move I seek
The black sky you see is the future and it's bleak
Your brain begins to burn as your thoughts run-out
Your blood is not what this is about
I want to read your ambitions and darkest fears
So I can rid the evil through human tears
(Spoken Words)
Today we'll discover
How the world will come to an end
We'll transform all data
And the world will be able to view it
They will see exactly how we eliminate disease, suffering and famines
No where to be found will be life
Nothing but vast emptiness the world will witness
From every mechanical device possible
How one person will speak to them
As they sit and wonder how
No electricity - Nothing
And you are the one whose face we'll plaster all over the world
For them to view, and witness and see pure evil
Taking control of the world
And with their deepest desires
And with their deepest fears
They will listen - They'll have no choice
For their brains have been transformed into mechanical devices
They are controlled by a digital world
A world that shows no feelings, no fears and no ambition
So I ask you to speak to the world - Stop the world
And welcome them to the metal dead
They see before them their only past
Now they get the chance to live their dream at last
This person of another life-time
This person of another life-time
Enter the room of lost time
Welcome to the metal dead
Enter the room of evil time
Welcome to the metal dead
The world has captured a moment of lost time
Gave to a place they never could find
They got into your dream and never came back
The castle is where you will spend your last day
Your eyes become blurred, and you haven’t many words to say
There is not much left of your human frame
Just a stale dream that allows you think the same
At you did long ago in another life's dream
You have made me proud my eyes gleam
Now you will melt with the candle until it burns out
Their brain is lost in another dimension
Now you can go where the wind will blow
And the trees will finally grow
They're reincarnated from a lost dream
A cloned life form that will live forever
Return to the castle you shall never

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