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We didn't listen too
The warning that we heard
Instead we waited for
The dawn to tell us more
They say in dreams
That if you should die
If we do not wake
It may be good for our sake
I've been down this road
The endless one which turns
Into deja vu
It's something shaded blue
Within the silence
Becomes nothing
There isn't much to say
Could it be judgement day
Waiting for the final moment
Waiting for the final hour
On judgement day
Is it something that we know
Is it something that we've seen
On judgement day
When will the moment start to fade
When will the moment take control
On judgement day
We are conditioned to know the truth
We are conditioned to not believe
On judgement day
We will get
One last testimony
One more trial
We are in denial
We were given this
In which we have destroyed
We cannot repent
Maybe only re-invent
We are not forgotten
We are not forsaken
It's not tomorrow, it's now

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