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I still remember the day
With no dawning
The message that brought
To me sorrow and mourning!
With my dying heroes
Left my inspiration!
It burnt down the bridges
To my destination!

Black clouds steal the light
It’s now my turn
To shine bright!
I take their legacy, nothing
Else would set me free!
I make up my mind,
Wish new chords I could find
I run through hell and back
My dreams turn to black!

Hellfire! Hellfire!
Might burn mankind to dust
And though all my memories
Will be extincted
Your names shall
Forevermore last!

I stay up late, the magic
I try to create
It does not come easy,
My mind feels so dizzy
But when finally the musical
Powers pour out of me
I paid my tribute to
My spiritual roots!

I still hear the voices of
The ancient warriors
That brought me to where
I am now!
And I will never get rid
Of the fever
That has infected me
So long ago!
My biggest love
My only desire
Which female demon could
Have given me more?
I am still standing
I am still fighting
And I know what
I’m fighting for!

Now that I stand with
These songs in my hands
I’m ready to take off
And teach all the world!
But still I look up and
I raise my cup
To the glory of those
Who made my soul burn!

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