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Straight to the Nether Regions - text

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In 72 on black Monday
A (new) plague infects humanity
Founded on extremity
Fundamental lunacy
Unhallowed grounds, their choosen path
Infidels suffer their wrath
Cowards betray, cowards prey
On their knees to god they pray
Sociopaths, monocrats
Funding their war of atrocities
The fanatic leads the frenzy feeds
Innocence forever bleeds
Spineless acts, aristocrats
Cast into the nether regions
Servants follow orders blind
Carried out for god divine
The cancer spreads a martyr's born
Of feeble mind and barren soul
Manifestation ancient faith
Sermon of terror hate and rage
Temples, shrines the heathens dwell
Soon to perish (in the) flames of hell
Vengeance burning in our eyes
Abomination you've met your demise
Firepower overkill
Striking with an iron will
Guns of racing steel engage
Sets the martyr ablaze
The hammer smites with violent blows
Cast them into the bowels of hell

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I, Infidel

Ritual Carnage texty

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