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The Prince of Darkness - text


Verse 1:

I'm air that you breathe, I'm all of the things that you are
Insatiable need, I crave for the blood that you bleed
I am the desire in you


I'll give you hope when you dream away
Your life soon enough will fade
See the world through evil eyes
I'm the price of darkness

Verse 2:

So I am the seed, I feed on your fears and need
Go head, scream, no one will hear anyway




Falling down, nothing's going to matter
I will be your path, desperation
In the stream of souls, in the beauty of dying
You'll be a star in my crown

Verse 3:

Conscience recalled, you see I lead the fall
And best of it all light is within you enthralled
Eternity whispers your name

Chorus (twice)

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