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The End of Days - text


Verse 1:

Seeing a world cast in shadow
Seeing it all waste away
I am a flower fading
The last and none, none to come

I will live my life through the cleansing
I will bear witness to all
I'm gonna pray for us
For what's left behind, for our broken hearts


The end of days is drawing near
So the rain will fall like tears
But the dusk of life will be the dawn
And the circle will be drawn - again

Verse 2:

Here is the wind, can you hear it?
Singing the song of rebirth
The song of you and me
The song that marks the new beginning


Solo 1


Yeah, the end of days comes closer
What's left behind for us?
I want to know


Solo 2

The circle will be drawn again, again, yeah!
The end of days, coming your way, yeah!

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