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Far Beyond the Stars - text


Verse 1:

There are memories deep in the heart of my soul
feeding my dreams with a fire
We seek what is lost and together at last
We finally find what the pain is inside

Worlds all forgotten and buried in time
A love we can't deny
So let our legends guide us
Safely through the dark all

Pre-Chorus 1

We see the light
A prophecy unknown
I see it in your eyes
We're reaching paradise


So far beyond the stars
Is a place we once called home?
And we'll ride the sky of old
As the ancient legend told
We'll ride the skies of old

Verse 2

So we're leaving what's known for our souls' silent cries
Will life be better and undisguised?
Will our souls find the hope they once had?
I put my trust in the world

Pre-Chorus 2

I see the light
my soul is whole at last
I see it in your eyes
We're reaching paradise



Chorus (twice)

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